Caving & Snorkeling in Silfra

Caving & Snorkeling tour in Iceland

Lava caving and snorkeling Iceland adventure!

Get more out of your snorkeling tour by adding a lava caving tour to your day and spend the whole day beneath the surface. We visit a historic lava-tube for caving and then head to Thingvellir National park to go snorkeling for a full day of adventure and sightseeing!


  • Complimentary pick up from Reykjavik
  • Drysuit, mask, and all other equipment needed for snorkeling
  • Helmet and headlight for the caving
  • Highly qualified guides
  • Snorkeling, Sightseeing and Caving!
  • Swimming in crystal clear water!
  • Hot chocolate and cookies
  • Thingvellir Silfra Entrance fee (1000 ISK)
  • Drop off in Reykjavik


  • Waterproof outer layer
  • Sturdy shoes
  • Gloves
  • Warm socks and undergarments
  • Preferably fleece/wool (no cotton!)
  • Change of clothes (just in case)
  • Your waterproof camera (optional)
  • Packed lunch 
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Price from 23.490 ISK Pick-up is available from all major hotels, hostels and guesthouses in Reykjavík. Excited? Book Now!
Availability9.00 am pick up
Duration8 hours
Disclamer Please read our disclaimer


Trip difficulty: 3 out of 5 possible. Rated: Moderate.

Caving: After pick up we start out at a lava tube in the vicinity of Reykjavik. The volcanic landscape of Iceland is rich of lava tubes that have formed in eruptions over the years.  The caves we visit on the Black and blue tour are accessible to all that are comfortable walking on uneven surface but be prepared to have to crawl a little.  After the cave exploration, you have time to grab lunch before moving on into the blue for your second adventure...

Snorkeling: Part two of this trip includes snorkeling in Silfra fissure, an otherworldly scene that is world famous for its heavenly shades of blue. The crystal clear water in the deep fissure gives you a feeling of pure weightlessness as you venture down the lazy current. The snorkeling is a relaxing yet exotic trip in an unbelievably beautiful environment between the two Eurasian and North American tectonic plates.  

Must be 12 years or older. Guardian´s approval needed for minors under 18. Weight limit: 45-120kg. Height limit: 150cm - 200cm. Must be able to swim.

You are unable to participate if you are pregnant, due to the small risk of cold water entering the suit.

Note #1: Due to guide/customer ratio and Thingvellir National Park regulations this tour sells out frequently, we recommend you book this tour well in advance.

Note #2: Do you wear glasses? On the snorkeling tour you will be wearing a snorkeling mask and to see underwater there can be nothing in the way of the seal to keep them from filling up with water. Due to this, you cannot wear glasses underneath the mask. You will have to go without them, wear eye lenses or bring your own mask with prescription.

Note #3: Please note that this is a combo tour and it is not an option to meet us on location. 

You need to know how to swim in order to participate in the snorkeling.

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Caving & Snorkeling in Silfra 23.490 ISK
  • “Warmer in the water!”

    Great experience. Things to know - Don't worry about the cold, you are given a human shaped sleeping bag that you wear under the dry suit. Yes dry suit so you don't get wet! The staff are very good and talk you through each step of putting each item on. There is a toilet where you get knitted up. The dry suit feels very restrictive at first, especially around the neck, but you get used to it. You don't actually swim, you are pushed along by the gentle current of the water coming down from the glacier. The views are amazing which you can see really well due to the purity of the drinkable water you are bobbing along through. A really unique experience that we are glad we did. Even if it was minus 10 degrees outside the water remains a barmy two degrees all year. Enjoy


  • “Snorkelling and Caving tour”

    This was a fantastic and unique experience. Sagar was a fun and friendly guide who told us much of the local folklore before and during the cave tour. Really glad we took waterproofs and hiking boots as the cave was damp and there were some tight spots! The views while snorkelling were incredible (once you got used to your very cold face and hands) but dry suit was toasty warm. Richard and Isaac were attentive, helpful and friendly throughout. They even came up with a plan to retrieve our camera after I accidently dropped it. Worth the money!


  • “Golden circle an snorkeling tour”

    The tour was great! For snorkeling, I would recommend bringing a change of clothes as quite a few of us got leaks in the dry suits. It was well worth it though! Our guide, Sara if I remember correctly, was lovely: friendly, professional and relaxed at the same time.