Scuba Diving in Silfra

Diving tour in Iceland

Diving in Iceland's top Dive Site

Silfra is frequently rated as one of the world's top ten dive sites, with up to 100 meters of underwater visibility.

We take you where few diving tours in the world can – into the continental rift between the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates! Thingvellir National Park is home to Silfra fissure, an out-of-this-world subaquatic chasm of sublime colors, mystical rock formations, serene beauty, and great geological significance. The crystal clear water that fills the canyon is the product of glacier meltwater passing through porous lava fields in a slow-filtrating process that takes up to 100 years! The result is water so crisp and clean that underwater visibility is virtually limitless. Drift peacefully along with the lazy current as you soar through the depths and explore a realm beyond description.


  • Guidance by a certified PADi® Divemaster
  • All dive equipment needed
  • Thingvellir Silfra Entrance fee (1000 ISK)
  • Two* dives in Silfra
  • Hot chocolate and cookies


  • Warm socks 
  • Warm undergarments
  • Your waterproof camera
  • PADI or equivalent qualifications
  • Drysuit Certification or
  • Logbook with 10 logged drysuit dives in the last two years 
  • A change of clothes (just in case)
  • Towel
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Price from 39.990 ISK Pick-up is available from all major hotels, hostels and guesthouses in Reykjavík. Excited? Book Now!
Availability09:00 - 16:00
Duration6-8 hours
Disclamer Please read our disclaimer

Diving between the tectonic plates!

Trip Difficulty: 4 out of 5 possible. Rated: Demanding, PADI® license required.

This is without question one of the best dive tours available in the world! If you are a keen diver, make sure not to miss it!

Day Tour: Operated from Reykjavík and Thingvellir.

Pick up: Add pick up and drop off from hotels or guesthouses in Reykjavík for an additional 3000 ISK when booking.

Requirement: You can view the requirements on the online medical form all divers must fill out before going on the tour which is sent by email upon booking. If answered YES on any questions in section 2 you must fill in the approval form signed by your Physician.
PADI open water certificate or equivalent along with Drysuit certification or logbook with 10 logged drysuit dives in the last two years is required. All dives are performed in a dry suit. Divers have to supply their sizes of suit upon booking. Must have dived in the last 2 years before diving Silfra. Must be at least 18 years old and understand instructions in English.

Add Drysuit Speciality course and go diving in Silfra the next day in this 2-day package.

Recommended: PADI advanced recommended as this is a challenging dive. Drysuit diving is different to wetsuit diving, as you have two forms of buoyancy to control- the BCD and the drysuit. This can be tricky, especially in 2-4 degree water. You need to be capable of carrying heavy equipment up to 400m. It is strongly advised to wait 24hrs after diving to fly. 

Wear glasses? Since you are wearing a dive mask to see underwater, there can be nothing in the way of the seal to keep them from filling up with water so you can not wear your glasses underneath the mask. You will have to go without them, so please wear contact lenses or bring your own mask with prescription.

Driving directions: If you plan to meet us on location, the meeting point is on the parking lot outside the Information Centre by the Thingvellir National Park campsite. Note: When driving from Reykjavík on road 36 you will first see a Visitor Centre and viewpoint for Thingvellir on your right-hand side. This is NOT the meeting point, keep going and drive further for 5-10 min on road 36 and you will see the Information Centre on your left hand. - See map for more details. 

Please note that the National park charges a small parking fee for those that choose to meet on location.

Winter departures: *If the temperature falls below -0°C we might change the tour into one longer dive due to safety reasons.

Detailed Itinerary: On arrival to Silfra, dive guides will give a thorough dive briefing. This will include details about diving procedures, signs and signals, national park rules, your equipment, the route, and important information on how to use the drysuit.

Once you’re geared up, it’s time to walk to the entrance and get in the water. Entry is via steps that lead onto a large metal platform. The water will be waist deep as you stand on the platform so you can easily acclimatize to the feeling of the cold water on your face, and have a quick drink of the refreshing water. After each diver has done a weight check with the dive guide, it’s time to begin the dive!

You’ll be taken through each of the four sections of Silfra, and have plenty of opportunities to have a good look around. The first section near the entrance is the Silfra Deep Crack, which is long and narrow as it winds a little to the left and right. This then widens slightly into what we appropriately call the Silfra Hall, which leads to the deepest point at 22m called the Silfra Cathedral. After the cathedral, we turn left into the Silfra Lagoon, which is incredibly beautiful and the final part of the dive. After stepping onto the exit platform, your guide will help you remove your fins and you’ll have a chance to warm yourself up with roughly a 400m walk back to the car park. We can always remove your weights or even your gear if you have trouble walking with your gear on, and you can also have a rest back at the entrance which you will pass on the way back.

Once back in the car park, we’ll take the gear off you and get the hot chocolate and cookies out so you can warm your hands whilst you talk through the dive. The cost of the tour gives you the option of doing 2 dives in the summer (around 30 minutes each), but in the winter if the temperature is below freezing we will only do one longer dive (around 45 minutes) because the cold temperatures are more challenging.

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Scuba Diving in Silfra 39.990 ISK
  • "Outstanding Dive"

    Dove Silfra with these folks; was one of my top 3 dives ever (in 30+) years of diving. - Pickup was on time. Drive (40 minutes or so) was comfortable and interesting. - Staff (Mike & Joe) were friendly, knowledgable, and extremely helpful. Very professional but still made it fun. - Dive was everything we had expected and more (and we flew 3000 miles for this, so expectations were already high). - Equipment was in great shape; stayed dry and warm, never noticed the cold. Drysuit was a little snug, but I'm a big guy. When you book, there's a form online to provide your measurements. Be specific, it matters. They put together the gear based on what you tell them, so use current measurements & be accurate. I didn't see any spare suits or thermal gear, so if what they brought hadn't fit I suspect I'd have been out of luck. I'm an experienced drysuit diver, the other 3 in our group had never been in one. No problems. Also worth mentioning a previous group showed up with their own drysuits and thermal garments, which weren't adequate to the cold. If you're bringing your own stuff, you might want to check ahead to make sure it'll do. - Briefing was great, felt like I was well prepared. One dive, 40 or so minutes long. It's a hike from the gear up location to the entry, and more so coming back. It was 100 meters or so walking to the entry, and probably 300 coming back. Be prepared for this; its in full gear, carrying your fins and mask. With the weight harness, integrated lead in the BCD, and steel tanks, it comes out to something like 50 pounds. - Would absolutely recommend this dive and this tour group.

    Maladryne, Kentucky

  • “Amazing experience! The most beautiful dive in the world.”

    Diving in Silfra was a unique diving experience. The light, colors and rockformations under water is so spectacular. The dive crew at Dive Silfra, Fee and Hodei, was very helpfull and made us feel comfortable despite the heavy equipment and cold water. They had a good sense of humor and were very professional. Best dive guides ever! Thank you for an amazing experience.

    Sofie C

  • “Once in a lifetime”

    My husband and I dove with Dan during the last day of our Icelandic road trip- and what a way to end! Neither of us had drysuit experience, and I had a lot of difficulty with buoyancy at first, but Dan was incredibly patient and supportive. The visibility was unbelievable! Although there's no sea life, the colors are unlike anything I've seen on any other dives. It's a must-do for any diver! Thank you for such an out-of-this-world experience!

    AmberSoutra, Brooklyn