Reykjavik Capital City

Reykjavík is the capital of Iceland. Its name, which literally means "smoky bay", stems from the steam that rose from hot springs when the first settlers came to that area.  Or so the tale goes and the Icelanders just love their tales, sagas and stories. The hot springs are still there and you can even still see the steam some places in town, although now the springs that are still active are all utilized.
Although the capital is not big in comparison to other capital cities it has all the essentials a great destination should have; Excellent restaurants, lively nightlife, galleries, museums, parks and so much more. One of the thing Reykjavík is, or at least should be, famous for is its many swimming pools. Every district has it own and this is the right place to go if you want to meet the locals. The plentiful geothermal activity in the area provides lots of warm water for us to be able to soak in hot tubs throughout the year.  
If you are staying in Reykjavík and have your own car you can meet us on location for all our tours. Take road 36 towards Thingvellir and meet us at the Thingvellir information center. Please be sure to check road conditions and the weather forecast before you head out of the city.