• Into The Blue

    Snorkeling Adventure
    Snorkeling Adventure
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    17.990 kr.
    AvailabilityAvailable All year
    Today and every day Departures at 10:00, 12:00 and 14:00
    + Other seasons Every day May 15th - September 15th 08:00, 10:00, 13:00 and 16:00
    Duration4 hours
    Minimum ageMust be 14 years

    Half day snorkeling tour in Silfra Fissure. Available with pick-up from Reykjavík. Don't miss out on our all-time best seller!

  • Black & Blue

    Caving & Snorkeling
    Caving & Snorkeling
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    24.990 kr.
    AvailabilityAvailable All year
    Today and every day: 9:30
    Duration8 hours
    Minimum ageMust be 14 years

    A fantastic underground adventure! Lava caving and snorkeling combo tour in Thingvellir National Park. Explore the dreamlike underworld of Iceland.

  • Deep Into The Blue

    Scuba Diving in Silfra
    Scuba Diving in Silfra
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    39.990 kr.
    AvailabilityAvailable All year
    Today and every day until February 1st: 10:30
    + Other seasons Every day February 2nd - September 15th: 09:30
    Duration6 hours
    Minimum ageMust be 18 years

    If you are a keen diver, make sure not to miss this world class diving tour in Silfra ravine. This is one of Iceland’s best-kept secrets.

2 in 1: Combine with other activities

Silfra natural water

Thingvellir National Park is home to Silfra fissure, one of the world's most spectacular and unique freshwater snorkeling spots. Clear enough to drink while on your adventure, it has almost neverending visibility. Below the surface the water is an adventure in itself but Silfra's proximity to other significant sightseeing locations makes a visit a must do for all underwater maniacs. 

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  • "Great guides, unique experiences"

    We did the Black and Blue tour. Our guide Svara was informed and entertaining. Cave Gjabakkahellir involved a good deal of clambering and attention to where to step, and Svara guided us (me especially) every step of the way. The snorkeling was really a one-of-a-kind experience. Our guide Neill was a diving expert and gave detailed guidance with humor. He gave special assistance with the equipment when anyone (me, again) needed it.

    Leland A, Zephyrhills, Florida

  • "Snorkeling in Iceland? YES!"

    What can I say about this experience? It was awesome! I've been snorkeling many places around the world, but this was such a unique adventure. All of the equipment is provided for you. Be sure to wear something other than jeans to the tour. You'll be putting on a teddy bear suit (a sleeping bag with arms and legs) and then a dry suit over it. Jeans will be very uncomfortable. All three guides helped people get their gear on and expel all the excess air once in the water. Trust me, after getting the gear on you'll need some help. The water is very cold on your face at first, but what did you expect? You are in Iceland. The sights under the water are breathtaking. Seeing the deep divide being caused by the tectonic plates pulling apart is something I will never forget. There is an area that you snorkel through that is narrow enough to reach out and touch the North American and Eurasian plates at the same time. Not many people can say they did that. Thanks for a great afternoon!"

    Laura S, California

  • "Silfra Snorkel"

    The snorkel trip to Silfra, a beautiful trip to view the continental divide. The water is crystal clear and the view is stunning. A great adventure! The drive and views in Thingviller are beautiful!

    Nancy, Fort Thomas, Kentucky

We dive into your questions!

  • How to book
    • There are a few different ways you can book your trip:
      Through our website - after you decide on a tour hit the "book now" button on the site and enter the requested info and end with your credit card number to confirm your booking. Please don't wait too long as we keep our groups small and tours may sell out.
      Through email - our e-mail address is info@divesilfra.is. Please include your name, the number of people in your party, where you are staying, and contact information including either email or a phone number.
      By phone- call us directly at our office and we will help you out. Our phone number is +354-519-6800.
      Telepathy - we already sent you the info!
  • How cold is the water in Silfra fissure?
    • The temperature in Silfra is almost constant all year round at about 2°C but during extended sunshine and warm weather in the summertime the water can sometimes go up to 4°C. However, our warmly insulated dry suits will keep you dry and warm all year around.
  • Can I bring my camera?
    • You can bring a camera, but if it is not waterproof it will get ruined. We recommend a waterproof camera. You can buy a disposable one in our Reykjavík Office. 
  • What about safety and insurance?
    • Safety is our number one priority, therefore we make sure that all our customers are well informed about all safety issues and know how to maneuver our safety equipment when needed. Due to the nature of the outdoors, we are subject to the same environmental risks as in any other wild natural environment. Should you wish to participate in one of our trips, we ask you to sign a waiver stipulating that you are fit to participate in such activities and assume all inherent risks in doing so.
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  • Pick up from Reykjavík
    available for all activities
  • Wear warm socks
    and no cotton!
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